Les Boréades is the culmination of a huge amount of work and research by Glowbox, Brad Johnson, and the 45th Parallel. This encompasses a huge amount of work I did in 2020. Because of that this see more section is subdivided into several "See more..." sections. Please click the dropdowns to expand them if any descriptions jump out to you!

When I started work on Les Boréades Glowbox was interested in blending pointclouds from photogrammetry taken by Brad Johnson with a performance by 45th Parallel. The research they tasked me with came in three parts:

to assist in the visualization of what the performance might look like physically:


Previsualization of the stage inside PICA's project space I made in Blender


Previsualization evolution as physical model by Ben Purdy and Thomas Wester


2019 Physical performance inside PICA's project space

to study blending performers captured with Kinect into pointcloud scenes in virtual reality:



I developed a relighting approach for volumetric video using Blender and mesh sequences of volumetric video exported from Depthkit to better integrate performers into their environment.

and to develop the look of pointclouds from photogrammetry

This was the most extensive area of research for the project. Our goal was to dance between images of the natural and built environments. The product of this research was 50+ VFX Graphs consisting of many different approaches to creating point clouds from raster data baked with a modified version of Keijiro Takahashi's PCX.

unnamed (4).jpg

unnamed (3).jpg

For natural environments I looked to impressionists like Georges Seurat and Henri-Edmond Cross

unnamed (6).jpg

unnamed (5).jpg